Custom Recipes
Romeo and Shadow's Custom Recipes

What's going on in the kitchen?

Ditte started feeding Romeo and Shadow these recipes in July of 2018 and they were immediately (and eagerly) accepted. Cats being fickle, a variety of different recipes were designed for their particular tastes.

Their previous diet had been formulated for a fee by a company selling a supplement pre-mix for home-prepared cat food which on close analysis was found to have serious flaws (see the Published Recipes page)

After switching to these recipes and feeding them in rotation for 5 months Ditte reported improvements in overall health and lab tests for both kitties:

"I am honestly blown away! Shadow's creatinine and SDMA values have never been better since he was diagnosed with kidney problems. His creatinine is back to where it was over 5 years ago, and Romeo's dropped from 3.2 to 2.5. Shadow's stool went from being chronically loose to normal. They both now rarely vomit, which they used to on a regular basis... and their fur feels amazing!"

The pictures show the kids enjoying their latest batch of Chicken and Lamb.

We siblings like to share and take turns! ... What's a sibling?